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How To Find or Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Phone - Even can Lock &Erase data within it.

Have you ever faced the situation of losing your pretty Android device/
missing device from your pockets.
HowTo Find or Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Phone
Did you forget it somewhere or it got stolen by someone?
You’ll urge to remember and many quests comes to your mind. 
Like how could I track my device?  How can I locate my lost cell phone? or 
How can I track device location?  Amazingly we’ve got some ways to find your lost or stolen device. 
If you lose your android, or any gadget you can track,
remove data or you can lock the device 
by using Google Find My Device application. 
Track, clear data and lock all these can be possible only if you’ve linked 
your device with one of your Google Accounts.

How to Track your lost or stolen Android Phone

By following steps mentioned below you can able to track your android phone.
Android Device Manager is Google app also called as Find My Device.


>> Device must be linked to Google Account
>> Administration access must be given to Find My Device app.
>> Location access must be given.
>> Internet access should be enabled.

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I) Find your Lost Device from a Computer

>> Login to Chrome using your Google account.
>> Search for “ Where is my Phone
Find your lost phone from a computer

Google search results will show and will prompt you to access again into your account. Log in to your account, you will directed to Find My Device page where you’ve got below mentioned options.

  • Play Sound (Device will ring for a period of minutes even if it is in silent mode also. This will help you if the device is nearby area to you)
  • LOCK (Lock device and display a pop message or number on lock screen. This will allow to warn or suggest to return to owner who has misplaced his mobile)
  • ERASE ( This option will allow you to clear all data from your device )
Remember that using ERASE option you can no longer regain access to your mobile.

You might not able to locate by using the above steps, the reason behind it is the device might have no internet connectivity or turned off.

II) Find your Lost Device from another Android Device

Even you can able to use same options mentioned above using another android by simply installing Find My Device app from playstore.
You need to sign to the device and follow up the further steps to access it.
Find my device app

Check your lost phone in "find my device" app

Else You can just go into from any of the phone.

In order to find your device using unique identification number you can check the below post.

I hope this article is good enough to resolve the issue on “How To Track lost or stolen Android Device”. Tricks9
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