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Download Xposed Framework for Android Oreo 8.0/8.1 Available in Beta Version

Google has expanded its Android user experience with the release of OREO UPDATE. As all of us know, with Andoid Oreo update Google brings up PIP Mode (Picture-in-Picture Mode), Auto Save Passwords, Smart Lock, individual app notification controls and many more. Even it has brought up with in built theme customization without any requisite of the user to have ROOT access. Though these features has been exciting, for the people who root their smartphones has yet another tool for OREO, get Xposed Framework modules on Android OREO (8.0/8.1). Hope this Xposed Framework (wand) for Root users make to dive into more customizabilty and functionality of latest Android OS Oreo.

Let us know more on What is Xposed Framework??

Quoting up "Xposed" is a framework for modules which is used to change the system behaviour. Xposed Framework can be insatlled on Rooted devices, it gets root access so that we can work on customizing our device from (root) system level. There are lots of modules available that let you customize your device’s look and functionality. Be cautious while using this application, as it may even brick your device.

Xposed Installer?

This application allows you to do small adjustments to your device’s kernel. Xposed Installer is one of the best application for andoid users who wish to unlock features and enjoy the fully customizable ROM.

The Xposed Framework Beta team released the update for devices upgrading to Android Oreo (either officially or unofficially) can now try out the venerated Xposed Framework and its many modules.

What is SDK?

Android SDK Platform-Tools is a component for the Android SDK. It includes tools that interface with the Android platform, such as adb , fastboot , and systrace . These tools are required for Android app development. They're also needed if you want to unlock your device bootloader and flash it with a new system image.
For Android 8.0 & 8.1 users we have sdk26 & sdk27 respectively.

Install Xposed Framework for Android Oreo

As Xposed is the fresh release for Oreo devices, rovo89 announced this release as beta version.As the release is not stable it may be filled with bugs, sometimes may crash or might get other bugs. 

As a pre-requisite one needs to root their devices inorder to install the Xposed Frameworks, try backing up your device. If you need to uninstall at any course, please use xposed-uninstaller-20180108-*.zip as it cleans up some additional files.

The installation process is quite simple. 
Just download & install the Xposed Installer (see the attatchment in the link)
Install latest framework for your device, flash the framework zip by using TWRP Recovery.
For users with Android 8.0 install SDK 26 while Android 8.1 users install SDK 27 on their devices.
The source code for the updated framework will be available on further updates in the thread.


It's great news as Xposed Framework is at support quickly for Oreo users. Most popular xposed modules like Greenify, Amplify and GravityBox are quickly available for support for OREO users.
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How To See your Google Search History and Delete it TOO

As all you know, Google keeps a good eye on almost everything you do on the Google Search Engine, if you signed in on anybody of web sites. In this article know How To See your Google Search History and Delete it? (You can simply know How to Archive and delete Google Search History). Whatever you do is recorded, and can be used against you later on. Search info can reveal especially hypersensitive info on you, such as facts about where you are, hobbies, age, spiritual opinions, etc. No worries you can even erase your search history and even you can archive a copy of your Web History as a whole.

In this Article, I'll demonstrate how exactly to Erase your complete Google web History as well as How to get entire Web History of your searches in one file..How to archive and delete google search history??

Before starting, remember once you erase history you can't retrieve it back. It provides you fast usage of Crawled pages (Cached Pages) you've visited before, and even lets you know browsing results which websites you've visited, hence when. These details can be valuable if you're a best internet surfer.

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Here's How To See your Google Search History and Delete it TOO!!

How to archive and delete google search history

Here’s methods to download your Google Search History:

1: Log in to the Google account.

2: Go to My Activity (click here)

3: Select the data to include from list and click on NEXT (At Bottom of page)

4: Press “Create Archive.”

5:Now the Your google Search history gets downloaded in ZIP format.You also download the list as a zip of JSON papers on your pc.

Here’s methods to delete your Google Search history:

1: Login to the Google account.

2: Go to Web & App Activity (Click Here)

3: Click on "Delete Activity By" Present at left sidebar.

4: Select timeframe that you want to remove products.

5: Click DELETE button

Additionally, now there is options to delete individual search items, queries which can have happened in new durations, and queries from mobile or tablet devices.

However, “Customer activity kept separately in order to avoid spam and maltreatment and improve their standards.”

How to Watch Youtube Videos Frame by Frame

Have you ever wished to watch a video Frame by Frame in YouTube particularly or simply something you missed as long as you're seeing the video now you will need to realize that out?

If yes, going frame by frame may be a good choice where you can check out each frame of the video recording tutorial to find the scenes you wished to watch.

How to Watch Youtube Videos Frame by Frame?

Go Frame by Frame in Youtube

There could be different reasons for going frame by frame in YouTube videos; such as maybe you discovered something suspicious, or you want to learn a great technique that you cannot review when the video play at normal playback rate 1.0. The bottom line is, you aren't able to review with the Playback rate, and you want to make things precisely how that you find each frame of the video little by little like still images.

Whatever the reason why may be, you will need to look frame by frame on YouTube, so continue reading to know how to do it.

3 Ways to Watch Youtube Videos Frame by Frame

Let us have a glance at the first way, which is how to see a YouTube video frame by frame Using YouTube Frame by Frame Hotkey.

Using YouTube Frame by Frame Hotkey

It's the easiest and the recommended option used to look frame by frame on YouTube; you could work with this when you use a DESKTOP COMPUTER. To look frame by frame using YouTube frame by frame hotkey, you must perform these steps properly:

  • To begin with, start YouTube by yourself web browser by yourself desktop PC.
  • Play the video where you want to go frame by frame for.
  • Now pause the video recording at the mandatory time by either simply clicking the Pause option or just by pressing the Spacebar button on your Keyboard.
  • Now to go frame by frame, press the “>” major on your keyboard to look a frame onward or press the “<” Major on your keyboard to look a frame backward.

This is a proven way you can watch videos frame by frame in YouTube using the hotkey.

Note: This technique is merely heading to work if the video author has allowed the frame by frame option in the video recording.

Most of the creators carry out this, therefore the it’s likely that the video you are in fact watching has this feature active. If for reasons , it generally does not get the job done, don’t get worried try different two methods described even more in this article.

With a third-party site

By using third-party site you can even go Youtube Video Frame by Frame.

Follow the below steps for doing that:

  • Just open the youtube site from browser.
  • Now search the Video that you would like going frame and frame for.
  • Copy the web link of working out video from the address bar of the web browser.
  • Now check out Watch Frame by Frame online tool.
  • In this specific article, paste the URL that you copied previously and choose Watch Video key or maybe press the Enter Crucial.
  • Now working out video will be filled with the settings in the participant used going frame by frame in the Video recording easily

This way, you can go frame by frame in YouTube easily. You should employ the program if the hotkey quality doesn’t get the job done on YouTube for a couple of reasons.

Using VLC Player

A whole lot of individuals actually don’t know that they could even use VLC Player to watch frame by frame in YouTube Videos. Perfectly, so as to go frame by frame Using VLC request, you are required to follow these steps properly:

  • To begin with, make sure to check VLC Media Player installed on your pc.
  • Get the required video web page link from YouTube.
  • Now, kick off VLC media player by yourself desktop PC.
  • Go through the Media menu and choose Open Network Stream… from the drop down list.
  • Now, paste the copied URL simply by either right press
  • To play working out video, feel the Play Button.
  • Now, working out video should start taking part in in the VLC Media Player. Now, to enable frame by frame, you need to use the VLC Frame by Frame Hotkey, which is often E by default.
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Hope this article will help you on How to watch Youtube Videos frame by frame. Kindly comment below if you still face any trouble using it.

GB Instagram 1.40 Latest Version Apk Download

Instagram is most popular public media for photo, video lessons etc sharing. Just about all android user utilize this app. However in Instagram you can't download any photo video or story line which shared on Instagram. So here we introduce a new variant of Instagram referred to as GB Instagram - GB Instagram Latest Version Apk download. By using GB Instagram you can download everything with no problem. For that reason download GB Instagram 1.40 Apk.

GB Instagram Apk Latest Version Download

GB Instagram 1.40 Latest Version Apk Downlaod

GB Instagram is merely like GB whatsapp which includes even more extra features. There are numerous features added in GB Instagram but main characteristic is downloading of photo, video etc.


  • You can download etc.
  • You can copy and share images, links videos
  • Play video programmed with audio
  • User may translate comment found in his own language
  • With Gb Instagram you may use two account in same time
  • Zoom in or perhaps out photographs for publish or see
  • User can transform theme, colours and chat display
  • You can copy comments
  • user can upload photographs,videos from Alsturi.
  • Root not necessary in android phone
  • You can copy description
I think you prefer the top features of GB Instagram and you intend to Download GB Instagram. GB Instagram is definitely filled with wealthy features. Download GB Instagram from below.

GB Instagram Latest Version Apk Downlaod for Android

Version Detail

App Name                                                     GB Instagram
Last Update                                                  April 14, 2018
Latest App Variation                                     v1.40
Required Android Version                            4.3 or above
App Size                                                       40.1 MB
Developer                                                     Atnfas Hoak

This can be the full fine detail of GB Instagram apk that you can install in your android device above 4.3 variation android. You can download GB Instaram from provided link above. You can use this software without worrying because you won't be banned.

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Best Free Unlimited VPN apps For Android

Download Old Version of GB Instagram


That is latest version of Instagram. Right here I give all fine detail and features for you personally. Therefore download GB Instagram most recent variation apk download from provided link and access all top features of GB Instagram 1.40 apk, GB Instagram 1.30 apk download carry on version is GB instagram 1.10 apk download and GB instagram 1.20 apk .

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android - 2018

Hello mates, In this specific article, I will inform you of 6 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android - 2018. A lot of people visit a free VPN for Android that needs to be simple to use. I am hoping you already are familiar with VPNs for Android. In the event that you don’t find out about the VPNs then don’t stress. I have discussed the VPNs and exactly how does indeed it work. So, just check out the article to learn more about Best VPN Apps for Android 2018.

What's VPN?

Actually, VPN means Virtual Private Network. Sometimes you might have seen unavailability of several sites in your country or region. Actually, the websites couldn’t be reached because they're restricted because of your ISP. For instance, There are many websites, especially movie downloading sites that are obstructed in India. Because they upload copyright content, these were clogged because of your ISP. Manage to survive wide open those websites without masking your Ip. To eliminate the restrictions, We have to use the best VPN this is the best key to uncover constrained sites for a particular region or country. When you have good VPN then you may easily visit any constrained sites by changing your Ip to some other country’s server. I've added 6 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android which give Unlimited access for internet surfing without the charge.

 best free unlimited vpn software for android

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android - 2018

VPNs are also used to cover up your identity from the web like IP as well as your actual location. You may bypass your present location using the very best VPN App for Android. In this manner, you can also secure your computer data from being hacked by the hackers.

Some VPN software are actually very good nonetheless they aren't free for use. You need to be asked to pay for deploying it. But if you aren't comfortable to cover that, then here I've made a set of Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android. There are so many Free VPN Apps for Android can be found on the internet. But, a few of them aren't safe to use plus they could also contain way too many advertisings that irritate a whole lot. So, Within this section, I'll provide you the set of Best VPNs for Android which is absolve to use. These VPN applications can be utilized on Android without data limitation.

1) Droid VPN

Droid VPN is typically the most popular and well-known best Free Unlimited VPN for Android. It secures your personal privacy by encrypting your computer data to the internet. Employing this program, you can cover your individual information like Macintosh, IP easily. If you'd like that all of your device network traffic shouldn’t be monitored by anyone, then your Droid VPN is the perfect VPN program for you.

  • Simple to use and connect
  • 100% Cost free
  • Bypass internet quickness capping because of your ISP and make fast web connection
  • Surf any content if it’s obstructed in your country

   Droid VPN

2) TunnelBear VPN for Android

TunnelBear is the most secured 100% free request for Android which allows you to cover up your network information. You should use this application without the problem to unlock the constrained websites by ISP on the internet. This request can assist you in surfing the internet privately and firmly.


  • Free and simple to use
  • Automatically hook up and stay connected
  • Protect data using 256-bit encryption
  • Freedom to surf any blocked content

3) Hola Free VPN

Hola VPN is another popular and the most trusted VPN request for Android. You may easily surf or download your selected content online using this iphone app on your mobile. There are many parts where some details are blocked. By using software, you may easily gain access to your most favorite content.

Hola Free VPN Features:
  • Gain access to any content from anywhere
  • View application and websites freely from about the world
  • Bypass where you are, surf internet privately.

4) Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Expert is the most secured VPN request which is employed by an incredible number of Android users to surf their desired content on the internet. If you wish to search any constrained or obstructed website with security then It’s a great request that will help you. You could gain access to any content from any country or region.


  • It could bypass limitation of any blocked website
  • Secures your web interconnection by encrypting your network to the internet
  • Are a good idea to cover up your personal information e.g IP
  • It can benefit you to gain access to any software or websites

5) Turbo VPN - Free Unlimited VPN

This is actually the among the finest free unlimited VPN for Android which will make your browsing safe. It could be used to see any blocked video recording or any other content from any country. You can even use this request to secure your computer data from the web. So, surf internet privately and no person can know what your location is. Because of some insurance policy reason, this VPN iphone app cannot be found in China.

Features of Turbo VPN:
  • 100% Absolve to Use Unlimited Free VPN
  • Secure Hotspot and protect privacy
  • Connect in a single tap
  • Surf internet anonymously
  • Works together with 3G, LTE, WiFi and everything mobile data opportunities.

   Turbo VPN

6) Hideman VPN

It's the among the finest absolve to use VPN software for Android. Employing this application, you may make your network anchored so no person can record you.

Top features of Hideman VPN :

  • Easily unlock any restricted websites
  • Surf internet anonymously
  • Encrypt Internet Data with 256-bit encryption
  • Hide your Ip so no person can know your present location

If you're going to work with any free VPN on your cellphone then you is going with a best free unlimited VPN iphone app for Android that is safe. Yes, there are so many imitation and worst VPN software can be found now on the internet that's not safe to use. A few of them may take your individual information.

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This post was about Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android. I am hoping you cherished this post. Hope you guys have tried out Best VPN Apps for Android 2018? If yes, then share your experience around in the comments section below.

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How To Use your Smartphone as a Webcam for your Computer

Occasionally some people use their desktop computers to have a video chat or skype or G Hangouts. This need may raise to buying a new webcam for this to fill, but don't worry! Yes, if you've a smart phone with good quality camera, then you can use your phone's camera as a substitute to webcam?Know How To Use your Smartphone as a Webcam for your Computer?
How To Use android phone as a webcam

In today's world, everyone uses Android Smartphone and you can even connect this device to a Lap or computer by using WiFi or enabling USB cable. With these options you can have your android camera and micro phone to connect with your PC. This can enable webcam features and you can even record videos, video calling is possible and take snaps.
How To Use your Smartphone as a Webcam for your Computer (Windows / Linux).
This article will resolve the issues like
  • Substitute to Webcams as Desktop versions don't have in-built webcams  
  • Laptops have in-built webcams but there quality low 
The above said issues can be resolved by using Android camera and micro phone as a webcam for PC( Windows & Linux).

The process include streaming to happen from your phone to your PC port and provide similar to webcam video to concerned third party application in PC.

Need not worry about the mechanism. Here the below mentioned methods will guide you to use your Android camera and mic as a Webcam for your PC.

So without any further delay just follow the instructions below to use Android as USB webcam.

No need of any Root access!

1.How to Use SmartPhone as a Webcam for PC Using USB?

In this method you need to communicate from PC to Android through USB port. For that some additional work is required. This process is used when connections through wifi are limited.  Enabling USB debugging mode by using ADB shell. Just follow the steps.

To use this method some of the requirements in both PC as well as Android device.
This Application is available in Free and Paid as well.

I. DroidCam

Requirements To Use Android as PC Webcam  Using USB - DroidCam

Download Files:

  • Enable USB debugging option. To enable it Go to Settings> Developer > Options > USB debugging option, if you don't find developer options you can enable by going to About Phone> Tap on build number until you find "YOU'RE A DEVELOPER" then revert back and enable debugging options.

USB Debugging - Android USB Webcam

  • Install  the DroidCam Client Server Apllication on your PC
  • Install DroidCam application in your android Device
  • Connect android device to Computer via USB cable.
  • Then Select USB option in DroidCam Server client in PC and select Start
  • Enable Video & Audio Check boxes in Clent Server app
  • By now you will be able to stream your videos in your PC using Android Camera, adjust the droidcam server video settings!!
How to Use Android Phone as a Webcam for PC Using USB?

If you only want to share voice not video then you can uncheck the video radio button and start voice chat alone.

For further support regarding the DroidCam application, meet the support team

2.How to Use SmartPhone as a Webcam for PC Using WiFi?

This method is bit easier when compared to Android Using USB as Webcam.

You need to connect to same WiFi connection for both PC and android phone.

IP Webcam:

Follow the steps below to Use SmartPhone As a Webcam For PC using WiFi:
  • Install IP Webcam Application available in Playstore.

  • Further, leave default options itself and just drag down you'll find Start Server, Click on it.
IP Webcam - Using WIFI start server

  • Now your video started streaming just click on "How Do I connect" present on top left bar.
Use Android Phone As a Webcam For PC using WiFi

  • Choose "I'm Using WiFi router" option then you'll be able to get the port number and IP address.
Use android as Webcam via IP Webcam

IP Webcam application

  • Now paste the IP address in either windows or Linux browser in your PC.
You'll find bunch of options that'll drag you to connect to various video streaming platforms.

Furthermore, the type of OS you run whether you run on Linux/GNU or Windows just download respective drivers for web cam.

Further you can contact support team.


Hope the above said methods works fine. Now that you'll be able to use your SmartPhone as a webcam substitute. Keep visiting for knowing more about latest tips and tricks.

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How to export Gmail messages to Text or HTML format

Some people might be in need to Export Gmail messages to html or text documents which will be helpful to store them all, passing them to concerned recipient and they can even be better viewed.
Data Liberation Front, Consisting of google engineering team started a research and they have been working on moving data.
It's good way to backup Gmail messages in HTML so that it can be viewed in any browser easily without losing images, link texts and styling of text. Unfortunately doesn't support in-built conversion of Gmail messages to html format, but no worries we're here to drive you How to export Gmail messages to text or html formats. 

export Gmail messages to Text or HTML format

1.Export Gmail messages to Text documents

I.Use Notepad to save Text Files

This is  one of the simple way to make text docs using notepad.
This method is quite simple, just follow the steps below:

     >>Select the mail you have received from top to bottom using cursor.
     >>On selection of entire mail, right click and chose copy option (you can also go with                 shortcut Ctrl+C or command+C)
      >>Then open Notepad or any text editor and Paste the content using Ctrl+V or Command+V
      >>Click on File>>Save file. That's it you saved the entire mail in text format.
      >>Even you can save it in pdf format by using .pdf extension.

II. Using Print All button in Gmail

This Print all button present in the mail at top right corner is used to Print entire mail and you can even save it in pdf format too.

Look the screenshot below to have clear view of the in-built button.

Export gmail    messages to pdf format

>>Click on Print All button or In New Window button
>>Then click on Save ( If New Window button is used, click on Print option and further click       save)
Saving gmail messages in pdf format

The above procedure can be used to save the entire mail in pdf format and you can even share easily pdf file to your fellow employees.

You can even convert the downloaded PDF docs to TXT format by using many pdf-txt converters available in online. A little google search can help you to convert from pdf to txt format.

III. Using IMAP Size

I will not go much deep into this. As far as concerned this is another way of how you can export Gmail messages to txt format.
You can have a glance of picture below the way how you can access it.
export Gmail messages in text or html formats - Stackexchange

A little G search can land you there.
However the above mentioned methods quite enough and easy in exporting gmail messages.

2.Export Gmail messages to HTML

I. Using Notepad to save HTML file

Export Gmail messages-Text to Html converter
>>Just copy the entire mail you received by using functional keys Ctrl+C/ Command+C.
>>After Copying the entire mail just click below link

>>After conversion is being done just copy the html code and paste in Notepad and save          the file with .html extension.
Export gmail messages to .html format

Thus you can view the mail in the Html format without losing images and styling in your web browser.

II. Gmail PDF's to HTML

This Print all button present in the mail at top right corner is used to Print entire mail and you can even save it in pdf format too.

Look the screenshot below to have clear view of the in-built button.
       >>Click on Print All button or In New Window button
       >>Then click on Save ( If New Window button is used, click on Print option and further click save)
Now the PDF file can be used to convert into html format. Just follow the link below 

III. By Save option 

This is the one of the simple ways by which you can convert Gmail messages to html format.
Just open the mail in your browser. Then use Command+S or Ctrl+S.
That's all your html file is ready just click save from dialog box appeared.
For your reference Total Mail Converter Pack available in the below mentioned website.


These are the different ways through which one can Export their Gmail messages to Text or Html formats. This method is helpful to free up the storage in Mail box. Hope this article will resolve the issue of How to Export Gmail messages to Text/HTML formats. Keep visiting our Website for further updates.