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How To See your Google Search History and Delete it TOO

As all you know, Google keeps a good eye on almost everything you do on the Google Search Engine, if you signed in on anybody of web sites. In this article know How To See your Google Search History and Delete it? (You can simply know How to Archive and delete Google Search History). Whatever you do is recorded, and can be used against you later on. Search info can reveal especially hypersensitive info on you, such as facts about where you are, hobbies, age, spiritual opinions, etc. No worries you can even erase your search history and even you can archive a copy of your Web History as a whole.

In this Article, I'll demonstrate how exactly to Erase your complete Google web History as well as How to get entire Web History of your searches in one file..How to archive and delete google search history??

Before starting, remember once you erase history you can't retrieve it back. It provides you fast usage of Crawled pages (Cached Pages) you've visited before, and even lets you know browsing results which websites you've visited, hence when. These details can be valuable if you're a best internet surfer.

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Here's How To See your Google Search History and Delete it TOO!!

How to archive and delete google search history

Here’s methods to download your Google Search History:

1: Log in to the Google account.

2: Go to My Activity (click here)

3: Select the data to include from list and click on NEXT (At Bottom of page)

4: Press “Create Archive.”

5:Now the Your google Search history gets downloaded in ZIP format.You also download the list as a zip of JSON papers on your pc.

Here’s methods to delete your Google Search history:

1: Login to the Google account.

2: Go to Web & App Activity (Click Here)

3: Click on "Delete Activity By" Present at left sidebar.

4: Select timeframe that you want to remove products.

5: Click DELETE button

Additionally, now there is options to delete individual search items, queries which can have happened in new durations, and queries from mobile or tablet devices.

However, “Customer activity kept separately in order to avoid spam and maltreatment and improve their standards.”

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