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Easy Ways to take Screenshots Without Using any buttons in Android/iOS

Are your smartphone's volume or power buttons not working properly? That doesn't imply that your phone can't work any longer. We prior specified how you can control volume on Android or iPhone without utilizing physical buttons. Furthermore, here we convey to you a valuable application accessible on Play Store which can help you screenshot without buttons on Android. Dissimilar to the technique, we shared prior you won't require any buttons(power or volume) to catch the screenshot. For iPhone/iPad clients the usefulness is incorporated appropriate with iOS. 
   Screenshot Without Buttons

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1. Open playstore and search for Assistive Touch app.On installing the app open it and follow further steps. Give administrative authority.

2. Check floating menu section and choose layout option from it.
Screenshot without buttons on Android
3. Click add button ‘ + ‘ and choose Screenshot from it.
4. Now close the application. You will be able to get Assistive touch square on your screen from where you can access Screen shot option directly.
Take Screenshot without power and volume buttons on Android
Take Screenshot without power and volume buttons on Android

As iOS formally has assistive touch you needn't bother with any outsider application. Take after the means underneath to turn on assistive touch on iPhone or iPad.
Go to Settings and select General.
Next tap on Accessibility took after by AssistiveTouch.
At long last, flip the AssistiveTouch change to ON.

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This will empower assistive touch on your iOS gadget. To take a screenshot utilizing Assistive touch tap on it's symbol and select Device. Presently, tap on More and select Screenshot.
It's just as simple as that.

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We trust that you could take the screenshot without buttons on Android and iPhone. Share it if you find it is good.

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