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Android Guide To Chat Via Bluetooth Without Any App ?

Android Guide To Chat Via Bluetooth Without Any App

Android Guide To Chat Via Bluetooth Without Any App,How to connect to phone and send files & chat messages via bluetooth? [closed],How to chat on Bluetooth with android mobile,This application allows two Android devices to carry out two-way text chat over Bluetooth. It demonstrates all the fundamental Bluetooth API capabilites, 

hello all, i want to tell you how you can chat over Bluetooth, no internet connection required and it works well in nearby distance , range of chatting purely depends upon the capacity of our modems, usually Bluetooth chat helps us in near areas, like chatting in classrooms, own home between two devices.

How to chat on Bluetooth with android mobile

Till now we know how to transfer files over Bluetooth but now we are introducing chat over Bluetooth. For chatting over Bluetooth we must fulfill some requirements.

Requirements for Bluetooth chat: 

1.Android device compatible with Bluetooth
2.Bluetooth App installed in both devices
If App not installed on Your Device then download it from below link


  1. Sending and receiving Messages.
  2. Encrypting Messages.
  3. Assigning contact to Device.
  4. Check Range of Device.
  5. Status Icon checking device.
With this app you can chat within small distance


Here we explained how to chat with Bluetooth app between two devices, stay tuned if you have any problem with connecting please do comment.
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