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How To Use your Smartphone as a Webcam for your Computer

Occasionally some people use their desktop computers to have a video chat or skype or G Hangouts. This need may raise to buying a new webcam for this to fill, but don't worry! Yes, if you've a smart phone with good quality camera, then you can use your phone's camera as a substitute to webcam?Know How To Use your Smartphone as a Webcam for your Computer?
How To Use android phone as a webcam

In today's world, everyone uses Android Smartphone and you can even connect this device to a Lap or computer by using WiFi or enabling USB cable. With these options you can have your android camera and micro phone to connect with your PC. This can enable webcam features and you can even record videos, video calling is possible and take snaps.
How To Use your Smartphone as a Webcam for your Computer (Windows / Linux).
This article will resolve the issues like
  • Substitute to Webcams as Desktop versions don't have in-built webcams  
  • Laptops have in-built webcams but there quality low 
The above said issues can be resolved by using Android camera and micro phone as a webcam for PC( Windows & Linux).

The process include streaming to happen from your phone to your PC port and provide similar to webcam video to concerned third party application in PC.

Need not worry about the mechanism. Here the below mentioned methods will guide you to use your Android camera and mic as a Webcam for your PC.

So without any further delay just follow the instructions below to use Android as USB webcam.

No need of any Root access!

1.How to Use SmartPhone as a Webcam for PC Using USB?

In this method you need to communicate from PC to Android through USB port. For that some additional work is required. This process is used when connections through wifi are limited.  Enabling USB debugging mode by using ADB shell. Just follow the steps.

To use this method some of the requirements in both PC as well as Android device.
This Application is available in Free and Paid as well.

I. DroidCam

Requirements To Use Android as PC Webcam  Using USB - DroidCam

Download Files:

  • Enable USB debugging option. To enable it Go to Settings> Developer > Options > USB debugging option, if you don't find developer options you can enable by going to About Phone> Tap on build number until you find "YOU'RE A DEVELOPER" then revert back and enable debugging options.

USB Debugging - Android USB Webcam

  • Install  the DroidCam Client Server Apllication on your PC
  • Install DroidCam application in your android Device
  • Connect android device to Computer via USB cable.
  • Then Select USB option in DroidCam Server client in PC and select Start
  • Enable Video & Audio Check boxes in Clent Server app
  • By now you will be able to stream your videos in your PC using Android Camera, adjust the droidcam server video settings!!
How to Use Android Phone as a Webcam for PC Using USB?

If you only want to share voice not video then you can uncheck the video radio button and start voice chat alone.

For further support regarding the DroidCam application, meet the support team

2.How to Use SmartPhone as a Webcam for PC Using WiFi?

This method is bit easier when compared to Android Using USB as Webcam.

You need to connect to same WiFi connection for both PC and android phone.

IP Webcam:

Follow the steps below to Use SmartPhone As a Webcam For PC using WiFi:
  • Install IP Webcam Application available in Playstore.

  • Further, leave default options itself and just drag down you'll find Start Server, Click on it.
IP Webcam - Using WIFI start server

  • Now your video started streaming just click on "How Do I connect" present on top left bar.
Use Android Phone As a Webcam For PC using WiFi

  • Choose "I'm Using WiFi router" option then you'll be able to get the port number and IP address.
Use android as Webcam via IP Webcam

IP Webcam application

  • Now paste the IP address in either windows or Linux browser in your PC.
You'll find bunch of options that'll drag you to connect to various video streaming platforms.

Furthermore, the type of OS you run whether you run on Linux/GNU or Windows just download respective drivers for web cam.

Further you can contact support team.


Hope the above said methods works fine. Now that you'll be able to use your SmartPhone as a webcam substitute. Keep visiting for knowing more about latest tips and tricks.

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