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Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks And Tips You Might Not Know

Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks And Tips You Might Not Know

WhatsApp has become a habit for people nowadays. WhatsApp is the best messaging app available for android, iOS, & windows. If you are connected with internet on your mobile phone then you can make full use of this awesome application. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with which you can send unlimited Text messages,Images, Videos etc. , which is free of cost now as WhatsApp has now removed its subscription plans.  Most of the users must think that they know everything about WhatsApp Tricks and features but that’s not it. WhatsApp has many hidden features which may not be known to most of the users.
After reading this post you will now many WhatsApp Tricks and Tips which you don’t know yet and you will be able to make the most out of WhatsApp.
Here I have listed some of the useful and interesting WhatsApp Tricks. You can go through this list of Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips that may be useful for you.

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips : 

1. Using WhatsApp On PC :
If you want to use WhatsApp on your personal computer and not on your smartphone, you can do that also.
With the help of bluestacks,you can easily install WhatsApp on your PC.
For those who don’t know about bluestacks, it is basically an app player using which you can enable android application on your Windows PC or Mac.
Here is the link to download bluestacks for your personal computer. You just have to search for WhatsApp in the search icon of the bluestacks app player and install it. After installing it will appear in the apps section of bluestacks.
2. Use WhatsApp On Web Browser :
WhatsApp has released its official feature also where you can use WhatsApp on your computer using web browsers.
For using this feature-
·         First you have to go to WhatsApp Web.
·         Open your WhatsApp account on your mobile.
·         Go to options and click WhatsApp Web.
·         It will ask for scanning a QR Code.
·         You just have to scan the QR Code displayed on your PC Screen with your moblie phone.
·         You will get logged into WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web can be logged out from your PC as well as your mobile phone.

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3. Using Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Same Device :
If you want to use more than one Whatsapp account on your android smartphone you can use with the following trick. Using this trick you can use multiple accounts on same device and you don’t have to root your android phone.
Android users can use modded version of whatsapp i.e OGWhatsApp which is completely free of cost, for using multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. Steps to do that are following
·         First you have to take backup of your all conversations by going to WhatsApp>Settings>Chats and calls.
·         After taking backup of your conversations you have to delete all the WhatsApp data by going to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear Data.
·         Once you have cleared the WhatsApp data you just have to go to /sdcard/WhatsApp directory and rename it as /sdcard/OGWhatsApp.
·         Now remove your WhatsApp Official Application from your Android phone.
·         After uninstalling Official WhatsApp from your device, Install modded version of WhatsApp i.e OGWhatsApp on your Android with link given below-
Here is the link to download and install OGWhatsApp to your android device.
·         Once you have installed OGWhatsApp on your device don’t forget to give your mobile number which was registered with the Official WhatsApp application.
·         Now just go to play store and install the Official WhatsApp application on your android device and register with the other number you want to use WhatsApp for.It’s done. Now enjoy two WhatsApp accounts on single android device.There is one more version of WhatsApp which can be used for using multiple WhatsApp accounts on single android device i.e GBWhatsApp
·         First you have to download the GBWhatsApp from the link given below
Here is the link to download  
GBWhatsApp for your android smartphone.
·         For using GBWhatsApp uninstallation of Official WhatsApp application is not required.
·         After downloading install it just like any other application.
·         Once installed, register it with the second mobile number.Now you can enjoy two WhatsApp accounts on your device.
4. Setting Up Full WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping :
You must have faced this problem when you want to setup your favourite profile picture on your WhatsApp profile but due to size limitation in WhatsApp you are forced to crop it. Frustrating, isn’t it ?
WhatsApp has this default feature so that when someone sees your profile cropped picture will take less time to load than the full picture.
But as you want to upload the full photo as your Profile picture, cropped photo will not look good as it will be missing some parts of the original photo.
With this trick you can setup any picture fully as your profile picture without being forced to crop it.
There are two apps available in play store using which you can set up your WhatsApp dp without cropping.
No Crop for WhatsApp : 
No Crop is one of the nicest apps for photo editing using which you can setup full sized picture as your WhatsApp DP. Its UI is very user friendly. It has got plenty of features like Adding filters, Adding backgrounds, Adding text to your images and you can even make a Photo Collage using this app.
Here is the link to download and install No Crop for WhatsApp on your device.
Once you have installed this app on your device, you open it and it will ask you to browse photos from your gallery.
You just have to select a photo which you want as your WhatsApp dp and Click save. It will automatically be converted in such a way that it can be directly uploaded as your WhatsApp profile Picture without cropping it.
#SquareDroid :
#SquareDroid is another app which will help you in setting up your WhatsApp dp without cropping it. This app provides you the feature of sharing your full photos to Instagram and also background colour of photos can be changed using this app.
You just have to browse photos from your gallery and select the one which you want as your dp and it will give you options to save it as JPG(Good quality, small file) and PNG(High quality,big file). You can choose any option according to your choice. It will be converted in a square format which can be fully displayed as you dp on WhatsApp.
5. Send Same Message To Multiple People :
On some occasions like New Year or any regional festival you may want to wish your friends on WhatsApp. It is very tedious to send messages individually to all the friends you want send your wishes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could write a message and send it to whoever you want in one go.  It will save you a lot of time and effort.
With New Broadcast feature in WhatsApp you can do that. But there is one limitation, you can send your Broadcast message only to the people who have saved your mobile number in their contacts list. This limitation is due to the fact that this feature spammers should not use this for sending spam message to random people.
In WhatsApp Menu options New Broadcast option is present, you just have to click that and it will ask for recipient list where you can add people to whom you want to send your broadcast message. After adding recipients you have to click on create and it will open a message screen where you can type your message and send it.

6. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Conversations : 
If you have intentionally or unintentionally deleted your WhatsApp conversations and you are looking for a trick using which you can recover your deleted message then you are at the right place. You can recover your deleted messages using this trick.
It is possible to recover deleted messages because WhatsApp creates backup of your conversations everyday at 2 am.
For recovering your messages you have to follow these steps:
·         First you have to uninstall your WhatsApp application from your device.
·         Then Reinstall WhatsApp and create your account with the same number you were using before.
·         It will show that back up has been found, you have to click on Restore and restoring process will get started.
·         After the completion of restoring process you will be able to see all your WhatsApp conversations which were deleted.
If the messages you want to restore are from some older backup, then you should follow these steps-
·         In file manager you have to go to folder WhatsApp>Databases.
·         The Database file names will be in  msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt8 format.
·         You have to select the database according to the date which Database you want to want to restore and you just have to rename it to msgstore.db.crypt8.
·         Your most recent database will be replaced with the database you selected. When you start the restoring process , you will be able to restore your older conversations.

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7. Reading WhatsApp Messages Without Going Online : 
Sometimes it must have happened to you that you got some WhatsApp message and you want to see that message but at that moment of time you don’t want to reply to that message. At the same time you don’t want the sender to know that you have read his/her message.
So here is the trick using which you can read your message without the sender knowing that you have read the message.
You just have to turn off your data and set you phone on Airplane mode. After that you can read the message without going online. The sender will not know that you have read the message.
But when you turn on your data sender will be able to see the blue-ticks indicating that you have actually read that message.
You can hide blue-ticks by disabling the Read Receipts option in WhatsApp by going to
Settings > Account > Privacy.

8. Backup Conversations To Mail :
If you want to send backup of your conversations to your Email then you can easily do it with WhatsApp. Open the conversation you want to backup and go to Options > More > Email chat. Just follow the instructions shown on your mobile screen and you are good to go. You can choose whether you want to backup media files also or you want to backup conversations without media files.

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9. Save Cellular Data :
WhatsApp voice and video calling are very helpful features but if you are using your mobile data while making voice or video calls then WhatsApp will utilize lots of data from your internet pack. To reduce the data usage you can navigate to Settings > Data usage > Call settings and tick on Low data usage. It may minimize your data usage to good extent.
10. Hide Conversations From List :
If you want to hide a conversation from others without deleting it then you can use WhatsApps Archive feature. You just have to tap and press on the chat you want to hide and you will see archive option. You can find all the hidden chats in the bottom of chats list in Archived chats.
This was our list of Top 10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips. You can try these WhatsApp Tricks on your smartphone and also tell your friends about these tricks.
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