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How to Remove Write Protection on USB drives? [Fixed]

How to Remove Write Protectionon USB drives? [Fixed]

Write protection is any physical mechanism that prevents modification or erasure of valuable data on a device. Most commercial software, audio and video are sold pre-protected. This helps the creators to maintain the integrity of their products.
It is useful and widely used business and private area. If a USB drive is write protected, it will be impossible to format that USB, also we cannot copy or move anything on that drive anymore. On this tutorial, we will teach you how to remove write protection from a storage device.

How to Remove Write Protection on USB drives?  [Fixed]

Note: You can remove the write protection of a USB drive only from the PC, using which the write protection is created. That means if you created a write protection on a USB using a PC, you need to use the same PC to remove that protection.
There are two methods to remove a write protection, the first one is making changes in the registry keys, and the second one is using the command prompt.
We think the second method is a bit easier and today we are going to use that method.
Now let’s start

 Removing write protection using command prompt

Step 1: First you need to insert the USB drive into the PC which the write protection was created.

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Step 2: Now press windows+R command and search cmd in the search area.

Step 3: This will show you the command prompt, open the command prompt window.
Step 4: In the command prompt type in “diskpart” and hit enter. Now this will ask you for administrative rights, allow it.

Step 5: Now a new command window will pop up type list disk into that and hit enter.

This will show you all the drives connected to this computer. You must know which your disk is.
Step 6: To select the disk you need to type “select disk (the number of the disk)” in our case its disk 1.

Step 7: Finally, now type in “attributes disk clear readonly” and hit enter.

How to Remove Write Protection on USB drives?  [Fixed]

How to Remove Write Protection on USB drives?  [Fixed]

And now, you have completed the task of removing write protection from the USB drive, to confirm, just remove the USB drive from the PC and insert in again. Now you are free to modify your USB device.

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