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Download Gb Whatsapp Latest Version 5.60 For Android 2017

Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 5.60 For Android: GBWhatsapp is a third party app for Whatsapp and it is a most popular app for Android phone. Now, you can download the latest version of GBWhatsapp from here. So, update your GBWhatsapp for more cool features. GBWhatsapp is not an official Whatsapp app. But, it gives cool and more features than official Whatsapp. There are also other third party Whatsapp apps available on the internet like OGWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. You can also Run 2 Whatsapp accounts on your phone .
There are also other third party Whatsapp apps available on the internet like OGWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. But this app is much cooler than other apps. But, In GBWhasapp you can also run two WhatsApp in one android device. The link is given in this article to Download GBWhatsapp.

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Dual WhatsApp 2017 [Updated]: - Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in 1 Phone

Download Gbwhatsapp 5.60  for android phone
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Note: GBWhatsapp is not the official Whatsapp app. So, use it at own risk. If you prefer security first, then don’t use third party apps. Third party apps may contain malware. You can ‘Download GBWhatsapp’ from below link in this article.

Well, GBWhatsapp is a third party app for WhatsApp. Also, it provides a lot of features like Run two Whatsapp in one Android phone, you can hide last seen, hide read message ticks etc. So, you can install GBWhatsapp on both rooted or non-rooted Android phones. But, you can use this app only for Android phones. There is no version available for other smartphones like an iPhone.
GBWhatsapp has many features that are not available on official Whatsapp. That’s why everyone loves this app. In previous days, Whatsapp bans the accounts which are using third party Whatsapp apps like OGwhatsapp and GBWhatsapp.

You can download GBWhatsapp from below link. If you have any problem while download GBWhatsapp then drop a comment in the comments section.


Version Info
Application Name
App Version
Android Version Requirements
App Size
Official Whatsapp App
Official Whatsapp App
App Developer
Need Rooting

1. First of all, you need to allow unknown sources on your Android smartphone. Because GBWhatsapp is a third party app. So you need to allow Unknown Sources.
§  Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources.  

2. Open apk file of GBWhatsapp that is downloaded from the above link. Wait some time to install this app on your Android smartphone.
3. After installation, Open GBWhatsapp and enter your mobile number. Verify your mobile number.
4. After verification, you are done.
Download GBWhatsapp
Now you can enjoy GBWhatsapp with cool and amazing features. There are a lot of new features in this app.

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Permissions List
Device & app history
retrieve running apps
find accounts on the device
add or remove accounts
read your own contact card
find accounts on the device
read your contacts
modify your contacts
approximate location (network-based)
precise location (GPS and network-based)
receive text messages (SMS)
send SMS messages
read phone status and identity
Photos / Media / Files
read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
take pictures and videos
Wi-Fi connection information
view Wi-Fi connections
view Wi-Fi connections
read phone status and identity
read phone status and identity
read sync statistics
receive data from Internet
view network connections
create accounts and set passwords
pair with Bluetooth devices
send sticky broadcast
connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
full network access
change your audio settings
control Near-Field Communication
read sync settings
run at startup
use accounts on the device
control vibration
prevent device from sleeping
modify system settings
toggle sync on and off
install shortcuts
uninstall shortcuts
read Google service configuration

There are a lot of amazing features in GBWhatsapp.
§  You can hide last seen for specific contacts.
§  You can hide status for specific contacts.
§  Disable calls for specific contacts.
§  Run 2 Whatsapp in one Android smartphone.
§  Hide blue tick.
§  Send a broadcast message to 600 contacts. (In the official Whatsapp app you can send a broadcast message to 250 people.
§  Send GIF photos.
§  Support Themes.
§  Send video up to 30MB. (In official Whatsapp, you can send up to 16MB video).
§  Send 90 photos at once. (You can send only 10 photos in official Whatsapp at once)
§  It also supports calls.
§  You can copy friend’s status.
§  Copy multiple messages without date and sender name.
§  Inbuilt lock option.
§  You can change app icon.
§  Better Media preview.
§  No Ban (Ban Proof).
So, these are only the main features of GBWhatsapp. But, there are a lot more features available on GBWhatsapp.
So, GBWhatsapp is a third party app for Whatsapp. If you are Whatsapp lover, then you must try this app for more cool features. But, if you are using an iPhone, then this app is not for you. Because GBWhatsapp is only available for Android users.
Also, GBWhatsapp supports themes. So, you can enjoy many themes in GBWhatsapp. After download GBWhatsapp, you can get all features.

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