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How to Share HQ Images on WhatsApp Without Any Compression

Up to this point, Attaching files on WhatsApp were constrained to some standard files like – photographs, recordings, PDFs, and Word archives and so on. Share images on WhatsApp without getting them compressed. What's more, on the off chance that you join pictures straightforwardly, WhatsApp will pack them before sending it to the beneficiary. Be that as it may, think about what, after a current WhatsApp refresh, clients would now be able to send any document organize up to 100MB (Gmail has 25 MB restrict) and there is no picture compression also.
Upload Images without losing quality

Everybody make utilization of WhatsApp for rapidly sending pictures or photographs. In any case, WhatsApp packs the records before sending it to the end client, so there is lost nature of the picture or media document. Likewise there is no choice on WhatsApp to send pictures without losing the nature of the document.

The Problem

The picture points of interest demonstrate the actual size to be 2.0 MB and when it gets shared on WhatsApp, it packs and the size lessened to just 23KB. Whatsapp Sending images without compression.
Whatsapp Sending images without compression

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For the most part, this is not a major issue as long as you see that picture on WhatsApp just; yet in the event that you need to print that picture or utilize it for the official reason (which shockingly many individuals do), at that point individuals would need to search for choices like Gmail or Telegram and so on. Upload images without compression. Particularly Telegram which, still tops the diagram for document sharing, as it underpins record sizes up to 1.5 GB.

Gratefully, after the current refresh (variant 2.17.254), you can share pictures on WhatsApp without getting them packed. You can likewise send any report, regardless of whether it is an APK document or ZIP record. However, what does it need to do with our motivation?
We should discover:
1. Start up PlayStore and get updated your WhatsApp to the most recent version.

2. Presently, open the visit to whom you need to send the uncompressed pictures, tap on Attachments symbol (the one that resembles a paper clasp) and afterward tap on Document, another menu will show up.

3. Here, tap on "Surf different docs… ", select the picture. Yes! A picture, you can even send a picture with this component and after that tap on send.

4. Great! It's finished.

Here you can see the full-estimate picture transfers, the size is 2.4MB and the record sort is JPEG. Whatsapp disable image compression. What's more, best of all, you can even send various pictures with this element by simply long pushing on a picture and after that choosing the others.

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Regardless of the possibility that you have caught the picture with all impacts and visual properties on your top of the line cell phone camera, you can't convey similar impacts to your WhatsApp companions. Compress images without losing quality. How to Increase whatsapp picture quality.

So here you can make utilization of the recently created WhatsApp augmentation android application called WhatsTools.

WhatsTools is basically the ideal expansion application for your WhatsApp, which empowers you to send any kind of records upto estimate 1GB with no compression.

WhatsTools makes utilization of Google Drive for this administration, its makes each one of those convoluted procedures just in few stages. In this way by incorporating Google Drive administrations with WhatsApp.

How WhatsTools Works?
You will come to know when you surf below link:

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Wrapping Up
With this refresh, WhatsApp just turned into somewhat better. Let us know for to what extent you have been sitting tight for this to occur in the remarks beneath. The new refresh is presently taking off all around however in the event that you have handicapped programmed refresh on your Google play settings, at that point make a point to refresh the application physically.

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