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Dual WhatsApp 2017 [Updated]: - Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in 1 Phone

Dual WhatsApp 2017 [Updated]: - Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in 1 Phone

Dual Whatsapp Accounts: Whatsapp is a popular social messaging application in the world. Almost 1 billion people in the world, using WhatsApp to connect with their friends and family members. Using WhatsApp you can chat with your friends for free, also WhatsApp has added new video calling feature. However, if you have multiple Whatsapp Account then there might be some problems. You cannot install dual WhatsApp on Android Smartphone officially but we found a way to run multiple WhatsApp on One device.
Run Dual Whatsapp Account 2017 on your single android phone with easy install. You can easily Run 2 WhatsApp account on your phone. Lots of tricks are not working this day due to the latest update by WhatsApp. But here after a detailed research, we have found some latest tricks to install multiple WhatsApp accounts on the single android phone. We have tried this trick multiple times and it’s working like a charm.
Below, we will record three approaches to run two WhatsApp accounts on one telephone without origin. Essentially, today we have multiple phone numbers and we use WhatsApp for many purposes like College, Busines, etc. If you are having two WhatsApp and single android phone then you are landed on right page. Here we will show you how to use Dual WhatsApp on Single Android phone easily.
Dual Whatsapp android is one of the most popular searches and everyone wants to use multiple WhatsApp on Single Android device so today we have decided to make the complete guide on how to use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone using Dual WhatsApp Apk and dual sim Whatsapp download.

Dual Whatsapp on Single Android Device
Whatsapp allows you to use only 1 WhatsApp account in one smartphone. Well, we have a trick, with the help of this trick you can easily able to use 2 Whatsapp account that is Dual Whatsapp. Dual Whatsapp Apk 2017: It is cool to download dual Whatsapp APK on your Android device. Most people are searching for a solution use dual Whatsapp account on a single Android phone. We have searched many forums and found that users are posting questions like 2 Whatsapp in 1 iPhone, download OG WhatsApp and dual Whatsapp android with following questions:
  • How to run 2 WhatsApp account in one phone?
  • How to run 2 WhatsApp on a same Android device using Dual WhatsApp Apk?
  • How to use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone?
Dual Whatsapp will give you the ability to use 2 WhatsApp account in same smartphones. Isn’t that cool? For doing this you will need to download OGWhatsapp app on your Android device. This app allows users to use multiple WhatsApp on a single device. If you also have 2 Sims and you wants to use both sims in the same android device then you will need to install OG Whatsapp, which is connected through original Whatsapp server and you will be able to use Whatsapp. Using this trick, you can use 2 WhatsApp on single device simultaneously.
Supported Android Versions
§  Gingerbread
§  Honeycomb
§  Ice Cream Sandwich
§  Jelly Bean
§  KitKat
§  Lollipop
§  Android Marshmallow
In this post, we are covering multiple ways to install and use multiple Whatsapp in one android phone for free. Every one of strategies which are here’s appropriately examined with a staff of Trickscenral, and I hope these applications of dual Whatsapp trick will continue to work for you also. With the help of below methods, you can easily use Dual WhatsApp Apk 2017 on Android Smartphone and tablets.

How to Run two Whatsapp account in one Android Phone (Dual Whatsapp)
Dual Whatsapp Method:  Whatsapp is now biggest and popular messaging app with 1 billion active users. Some of the users want to run dual WhatsApp accounts on their android phones, If you have tried OG Whatsapp method then it will give you an absolute error, so we are here to help. We are going to share this guide to run 2 Whatsapp account on the single android device.

Many users are using a dual sim card and they want to use dual WhatsApp for both that number But unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow to run 2 WhatsApp accounts officially in 1 phone. So, many third-party apps are available on Google Play Store that allows users to run 2 WhatsApp in one phone or 2 Whatsapp in 1 phone.
Many Whatsapp users are looking for how to use 2 WhatsApp in one phone or how to use two WhatsApp in one mobile. So here is an answer. There are many ways to run 2 Whatsapp in 1 phone but here we will tell you only safe method.If you are looking for how to use two WhatsApp in one android phone then parallel WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp apk will help you.Notice that using these apps, there is no need to do android rooting to run dual WhatsApp accounts or parallel dual WhatsApp accounts.

Multi Whatsapp Account in Single Device
First of all, we are going to tell you some of the best features of Dual Whatsapp. So check here.
Features Of this Dual Whatsapp App
§  No Root Needed
§  No Absolute Error like Og Whatsapp
§  Calling Feature Preactivated
§  Material Design
§  Hide Last Seen like Whatsapp Plus
§  Copy Messages without Date & Time (No Bug like Normal Whatsapp)
§  Custom Icons
§  No Ban Issues like Whatsapp Plus
§  Calling feature enabled – No Need to Worry About calling Feature
§  Updated design with bug fixes – Fully Stable. All things & features working.
§  Latest mod – Including With All new features of WhatsApp
Requirements for Run Dual Whatsapp:
To use 2 Whatsapp accounts on your one Android Device, you need some things to be setup on your device. Here are some basic requirements for Dual Whatsapp.
§  Android Mobile Phone – Obviously :p
§  GBWhatsapp apk (Download Link )

§  Works With Rooted and NonRooted Both Phones
§  Any Working Internet Connection 2g/3g/4g/wifi
It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on a device with the Incognito Installation feature. Moreover, users are able to customize their apps in Parallel Space with new themes and colors. How to use 2 WhatsApp in one phone is popular topic nowadays and also how to use two WhatsApp in one phone.
Some of the other sites will also be offering dual WhatsApp apk in one android phone. However, many of them are not working & fake methods. but here, we are providing among the best methods to running 2 WhatsApp in a single android phone. You should try this method. If you are using android smartphone having dual sim then check out the complete manual from below. There are many WhatsApp like apps are available online like download OG WhatsApp allow users to customize WhatsApp Completely and help them with how to use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone.
#1 Method:  Steps To Install 2 WhatsApp Account in Same Android Phone (Dual Whatsapp) (No Root Method) – How to install Gbwhatsapp
§  After Downloading, Install GBWhatsapp app on your Phone.
§  Enter your Mobile Number in it, which you want to use as secondary WhatsApp account. (First, one you are already using in original Whatsapp)

§  After it, it will send OTP code into your Mobile Phone, & it will automatically verify it in some seconds like normal WhatsApp.
§  Now after successful verification, you are running 2 WhatsApp accounts in your single android mobile phone.
GBWhatsApp Features:
§  No Need to Root your Device
§  Privacy security
§  Anti Ban of Account
§  Supported Video Calling Enable
§  Profile Zoom option
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So now you have two Whatsapp on your single Android Smartphone.
1st Whatsapp – in Original Whatsapp
2nd Whatsapp – GBWhatsapp
#2 Method:  Steps for Install Dual Whatsapp / Multiple Whatsapp in your Rooted Android Phone
This is the second popular way to use multiple WhatsApp or dual Whatsapp accounts on the single Android phone. So you can also try this method. This method only works with Rooted Android devices.
§  Download 2 Line for Whatsapp from here – 2 Line for Whatsapp 
§  After Downloading, install it.
§  After Open, It will ask for Root Permissions. Just click on Grant & Follow next steps
§  Then, You will See your Number There in the list. If you want to add more numbers, then click on “Add a new line for Wassapp”
§  Then verify new number & It will create a new WhatsApp account in your mobile
§  If you want to use the old account, then Goto 2 Line for Whatsapp again & From there you can switch between your accounts.
§  This way, you can create unlimited WhatsApp accounts in your Rooted Android Phone.
#3 Method – Parallel Space App
There is one more method to run dual Whatsapp on single Android Device. If you are using the android device from a long time, then I guess that you have already heard about this app from somewhere. This app can run any app into 2 versions easily. Not only Whatsapp, you can run any android app in a dual mode using Parallel Space App.

Dual Whatsapp

#4 Method – OGWhatsApp – use Dual WhatsApp APk 2017
OGWhatsapp is the easiest way to run two Whats App o a Single device. This app allow users to use Dual WhatsApp 2017 App on Single Android phone. Below are some steps to install OGWhatsApp for 2 WhatsApp on Single device.
OGWhatsApp apk
OGWhatsApp apk
§  Take the full backup of your messages and data
§  Clear WhatsApp data
§  Go to /sd card/WhatsApp folder and rename it to /sd card/OGWhatsApp
§  You have to remove Official WhatsApp application.
§  Install OGWhatsApp apk latest version 2017 and install it.
§  Enter the old number Whatsapp earlier and press Ok.
§  For the second number to use, download official Whatsapp application and setup it normally. That’s it. Enjoy.
#Method 5: CLONEiT
With CLONEiT, you can run two WhatsApp accounts.
 1. Go to play store get CLONEiT – Google Play Link
 2. After installing, open it and tap + to add WhatsApp
  3. Repeat the whole process to install WhatsApp on your phone but with a new number.

 4. Congrats!
Final Words: Dual Whatsapp – So that’s it for this article on How to use Dual Whatsapp on Single Android SmartphoneRun 2 Whatsapp is really cool. You can surprise your friends with multiple Whatsapp on a single device. Above given applications are the only available & working applications to use dual WhatsApp account in a single mobileDual WhatsApp apk in 1 Android (Run 2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone).

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