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Know How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

Know How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

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How to Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number, Without SIM Card use Email instead

Howdy, WhatsApp users. Are you surfing the net like “How to Use WhatsApp without mobile number or phone number or without SIM card?”  Then, Now you are at perfect place to know best procedure for this. Before that whatsapp generally used for texting messages, sending photos, sending folders, files or videos almost all we can send to our friends and we can make strong bond with our friends, relatives using WhatsApp messenger.

use whatsapp without phone number
How to use whatsapp without phone number or without mobile number
WhatsApp developers released this whatsapp app to almost all platforms like Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and windows phone. WhatsApp is one of the popular messenger among all apps. WhatsApp is available for free of cost.
All OS platforms are using this whatsapp with SIM card or with mobile/Phone number. But lot of tablet, iPhone, iPad, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android and windows phone smartphone users are trying to use this WhatsApp messenger without mobile number and without SIM card. That’s why i chosen this topic to provide optimum solution for your query. Before that >>>

Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number or Without SIM Card

If your respective device doesn’t support to have a SIM card, Don’t worry but make sure that your device must support internet connection with using any kind of cable or Wi-Fi connection. Because we allowed to send or receive messages or any other activities on whatsapp only with proper internet connection.
Good news for whatsapp application users, WhatsApp planning to add fantastic feature of whatsapp video calling. It’s already launched whatsapp voice calling feature for all platforms. You may use this method to all iPhone, iPad, Android tablets, on PC, Android devices, Blackberry, windows phone and iOS/Mac devices.

Steps to Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number or Phone Number : 

Follow below simple tricks guide to free download and install whatsapp without mobile/phone number or SIM card.

Whatsapp online Notification when your friend online 2017

Step 1 : If you are already user of this awesome app, Just delete already exist WhatsApp account.(i.e Uninstall old whatsapp account). Don’t worry, trust me. Just follow me to use whatsapp without phone number or SIM card.
Note: Before deleting your whatsapp account, you must save your whatsapp files or photos on to your phone.
Step 2 : Are you deleted your old whatsapp account? OK, now download latest whatsapp messenger from below link and install it without errors. I am sure, you guy’s will easily install this without much troubles.

Step 3 : Here whatsapp need phone number verification. But our theme is to use whatsapp without  mobile number. So, our next step is switch your phone to flight mode.

Use whatsapp messenger without phone number
Step 4 : Next, Open your downloaded and installed new whatsapp app and enter your mobile number. It’s in flight mode so, it’s not complete verification process.
Step 5 : So, WhatsApp messenger asks you to complete verification process in alternative way.
Step 6 : Now, choose verification through SMS and enter your valid e-Mail address.
Step 7 : After that click on “SUBMIT” option. Hey Wait, without much delay click on “CANCEL”  button.
Step 8 : Now, it’s time to install spoof or fake message apps for your respective devices to use whatsapp app without phone/mobile number. Download and install Fake message app for iPhone device from below link.
If you are android user, then you need a Spoof message app. Click below link and install Spoof message on to android device.
Download Spoof Message app for Android
Step 9 : Next, Return to Outbox and copy the details and proceed to false verification process in above spoof or fake message apps.
Step 10 : There use below details to complete false verification of whatsapp. To : +447900347295 From : your country code, your mobile number & message : Your e-Mail address.
Above process send a false number to you. You just use that false or spoof number to complete verification process. Now, you are ready to use WhatsApp without SIM card or without mobile/phone number with that false mobile number.
Hey guy’s lot of users facing problems to install whatsapp without number. So, here i provide latest two alternative ways to complete verification process to use whatsapp without mobile number. So, here we go :>
1 . Use TextNow App : Install TextNow App into your Android, iOS(iPhone/iPad), PC/Laptop or Tablet and enter your textnow app number into your whatsapp. Once you started installing whatsapp accept terms & conditions and enter country, TextNow number. And after that wait for SMS Verification failed. Start call verification through TextNow number and verify it through code. That’s it. 🙂
2 .  Use Landline Number : While Installing whatsapp give your land line number and wait for verification by SMS fail. And get call to your landline number through Call Me option. Enter the verification number which you received through your land line number and completes installation setup. That’s it. 🙂
Note : Drop your opinions/doubt’s/suggestions if you have any still on this new update of WhatsApp Without Number.  Thanks 🙂
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