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How To Find the IMEI number for a lost or stolen Android device in Three ways

How To Find the IMEI number for a lost or stolen Android device in Three ways

Android cell phone has immense request in market because of its low cost and keen components. Android advanced cells can be utilized as a multipurpose gadget. We can utilize it for playing amusements, watching recordings and surfing quick Internet. Be that as it may, every last portable is indistinguishably distinctive. Each cell phone has a one of a kind IMEI number appended to its equipment to extraordinarily recognized it on a system. Some time we lost our cell phone by oversight or our telephone is burglary by somebody. With a specific end goal to discover our gadget we need it's IMEI number. Be that as it may, if don't have IMEI number we can't continue further to discover it after robbery. So its critical to discover imei number of lost android telephone. Since without it our versatile specialist co-op is additionally not able to boycott our portable without its IMEI number. So in this article we will disclose about approaches to get IMEI number without phone. 

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The most effective method to Find IMEI Number Of Lost Android Phone? 

Strategy first:- IMEI Number From Personal Settings Of Google Account. 

It must be required to login your Android cell phone with a Google account. 

2. Presently we simply require a place with Internet association or a cell phone with Internet get to. 

3. Presently open your telephone or Computer program and sort the accompanying URL. "", hit enter. 

4. Login to your Google account which is signed in your Android cell phone. 

5. Presently you will see Google Dashboard containing all the data of your Google account. 

6. Presently tap on the Android choice. Presently you will see all the rundown of your advanced mobile phones connected to your Google account with their name and IMEI numbers. 

Strategy second:- IMEI Number From Device Box. 

At whatever point we buy gadget it comes in all around pressed box. Every case contain few data on rear. So its essential to note it down or protect box. To discover IMEI number simply read all points of interest given on box you will clearly get as demonstrated as follows. 

Step by step instructions to Find IMEI On Android Phone ? 

1. You can without much of a stretch discover your telephone IMEI number by running the code *#06#

2. You can likewise discover it in your telephone settings-> about telephone >status and IMEI number. 

Discover the IMEI of a Lost Android Phone in Your Google Dashboard 

When you lose your telephone, having your IMEI can be a tremendous offer assistance. You can conceivably utilize it to find your gadget, or essentially distinguish a stolen one. In the event that you lose an Android telephone, you can discover your IMEI online in your Google Dashboard

Your Google Dashboard has dependably been a valuable device for your Google action. Among numerous different things, you can likewise discover your telephone's IMEI number here. The data is put away for any gadget you've associated with your record, and it remains for some time, so regardless of the possibility that it's been a while since you utilized it, make sure here. What's more, keep in mind the various basic security highlights you ought to set up on your telephone before you lose it. 


The most effective method to Find Your IMEI on Android and iOS Without the Phone 

Knowing your IMEI number can mount a speedy reaction ought to your costly Android or iOS gadget ever get stolen. In any case, as the majority of us are fairly ill-equipped with regards to loosing their telephone, this guide will help you to discover the IMEI number without really having the current gadget. There are various methods for doing this and you ought to have the capacity to discover the IMEI of your iOS or Android telephone with just a couple steps. 

What is an IMEI and Why do I have to know it? 

Before beginning, how about we elucidate a couple of things about your IMEI number. Fundamentally, your IMEI number (which remains for "Universal Mobile Equipment Identity") is a 15 digit code that is one of a kind to each and every broadband or cell phone. IMEIs are not simply restricted to telephones. You can likewise discover them imprinted on portable PCs and tablets that have remote cards introduced. One thing is basic to all IMEI codes – they are incorporated with the equipment of the gadget, and they are practically difficult to change. So why is it convenient to know this number? 

Your cell phone supplier can hinder your telephone in light of the IMEI in the event that it gets stolen 

It may be utilized for guarantee reasons 

In case you're offering your telephone, the purchaser may need to IMEI keeping in mind the end goal to check with police if the telephone is enlisted as stolen 

Step by step instructions to discover your IMEI without having the gadget 

Discovering your IMEI is basic in the event that you have your telephone to hand, yet issues can emerge if your telephone is truant. Things being what they are, how would you discover an IMEI number without an Android or iOS telephone, tablet or portable workstation in your physical ownership? 

The most straightforward approach to discover your IMEI code is by coming back to your unique telephone bundling. Most Android and iOS gadgets accompany a sticker joined to the case which records the IMEI number. Search hard for the code, as it won't be signposted by the bundling. In the event that there is a 15 digit number on the sticker – that will be the one you require. 

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Sadly, not everybody holds the bundling of their telephone. On the off chance that you are the sort of individual who discards the greater part of your bundling or documentation, this won't help much either, however the IMEI can likewise be found on the first contract you marked with your telephone organization. Sometimes, it will likewise be available on month to month bills, however this is substantially less normal.
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