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Apple uncovers the amount it will cost you to supplant only ONE of its AirPod headphones £65

Many are worried about losing Apple's AirPod earphones - and now we know what that will cost you

Apple has at long last uncovered the amount it will cost to supplant one of its new AirPods

In an announcement on the organization's support site , it uncovered that only one of the little headphones will cost £65 to supplant in the event that you lose it. 

Clients will likewise be charged £65 to supplant a lost charging case, and £45 to benefit the battery in a solitary AirPod or the charging case itself. 

The remote headphones, which went at a sale for £159 in the UK this week , have been the subject of much civil argument since they were disclosed nearby the iPhone 7 in September. 

The earphones are totally autonomous of each other, and can be utilized independently and additionally as a part of a couple. 

Apple AirPods 

Apple AirPods (Photo: Reuters) 

Many individuals have communicated concern they will lose the modest gadgets, and a few organizations have made a huge effort to concoct answers for this issue. 

Telephone case organization Spigen has made a white strap to connect the headphones together in a circle around your neck, while 3D-printer organization M3D thought of some container studs intended to get the AirPods on the off chance that they drop out. 

Be that as it may, Apple's CEO Tim Cook demands the iPhone 7's new remote AirPods won't drop out of your ears - regardless of the possibility that you utilize them on a treadmill. 

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"The wires tend to help the ear bud drop out right since it applies weight on the earbuds," he said in a meeting with ABC News

"By clipping the wires, I have never by and by had one drop out since I have been utilizing them." 

Initially booked to go on special in October, Apple has abandoned it until only a week and a half before Christmas to dispatch its AirPods. 

The headphones were deferred a few circumstances , with Apple asserting it required more opportunity to resolve issues with the gadgets, which interface up to the iPhone by means of a Bluetooth association. 

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While Apple did not uncovered the explanation behind the postponement, the Wall Street Journal reported that the issue may have been to do with the AirPods being more mind boggling than other Bluetooth earphones. 

Standard remote earphones get the Bluetooth motion in one earpiece, yet AirPods get free flags in both, so Apple must guarantee they are impeccably synchronized to stay away from bending.
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