Friday, December 16 - Original KickassTorrents is Back with old familiar UI ACTIVE AGAIN - Original KickassTorrents is Back with old familiar UI ACTIVE AGAIN Makes A Comeback with old group 

KickassTorrents today makes a rebound with its natural and greatly adored User Interface, breathtaking web crawler and the most recent downpours. The site which used to work with is currently working with an absolutely new space, and is presently setup so you may meet with a few hiccups on the off chance that you are attempting to get to it at this moment.

It has been right around five months when FBI, Police and other law requirement organizations figured out how to close down the trusted downpours site, KickassTorrents. All the while, they likewise captured its asserted author Artem Vaulin in Poland and in light of a request by a government court in Chicago, the FBI grabbed all official KAT space names including,,,,, and 

While 2016 was a terrible year for the downpours group, there is a major uplifting news coming your way at the fag end of the year. With the capture of Vaulin, the restoration of KickassTorrents appeared to be unthinkable however not long after the shutdown, a few KAT-team individuals regrouped to dispatch a gathering at In a few posts on the gathering, the KickassTorrents team had indicated at making a rebound lastly today we see that KickassTorrents return in a restored symbol.

The first and different KickassTorrents spaces are still under FBI so the KickassTorrents group have gotten another area with the downpour site operational from The site begins with a perfect client database yet numerous individuals from the first staff are ready. Likewise, the first prestigious uploaders of KickassTorrents, whom the downpour group trusts, are additionally backing the new KickassTorrents extend.

The news that matters most to downpours group is that the new KickassTorrent site is like the dead and covered Conversing with TF, the KATcr group said that the greater part of unique KAT site administrators and team have joined the new attempt. "This demonstrates the devotion, commitment and genuine love for KAT that we as a whole share," he added.kickasstorrents-back-katcr-co

At present the site is enduring getting teeth issues and is blocked off right now however the KickassTorrents team has said that it will be up and running in a few days
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