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10 best WhatsApp tips and tricks: How to send animated GIFs in WhatsApp

Step 1 of 11: Best WhatsApp tips and traps:

How to alter WhatsApp picture messages
WhatsApp Messenger is a standout amongst the most prevalent applications over every single versatile stage, joining companions regardless of what working framework they're utilizing. The organization stood out as truly newsworthy back when Facebook got it for an incredible $19 billion and handles more than 30 million messages every day - now with end-to-end encryption. Here, we showcase some of WhatsApp's lesser known components alongside some top tips from us to make you a WhatsApp ace.

Step by step instructions to alter WhatsApp picture messages
The most recent upgrade to WhatsApp gives you a chance to doodle on and alter pictures before you send them. With a discussion open, tap the camera symbol by the content section field as normal and select a picture from your display. At that point pick one of the new symbols at the upper right of the show to edit the photo, include a sticker, enter content or draw a doodle. At the point when your cheerful simply tap Send.

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How to send enlivened GIFs
The most recent redesign (2.16.15 on iOS) gives you a chance to send GIFs. This works regardless of the possibility that your companion has the Android application: they just won't have the capacity to answer with another GIF.
To send a GIF, press the + symbol, then Photo and Video LIbrary. You can choose any video up to 6 seconds in length, and you can likewise 3D Touch on a Live photograph from your Camera Roll, swipe up and select Send as GIF.
You can even duplicate and glue a GIF from Giphy (which has an enormous searchable library) in the event that you likewise introduce the GIPHY Keys application from the Apple App Store. Once done, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and include another console. You'll see GIPHY Keys in the rundown. Select it, then tap on it and empower Allow Full Access.
When you're back in WhatsApp, change to the next console by squeezing the world image, then hunt down your GIF. Tap on one to duplicate it, and glue it into the message.

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Tag individuals in WhatsApp messages
The most effective method to label individuals in WhatsApp messages
It's currently conceivable to tag different individuals from a WhatsApp bunch message with a specific end goal to stand out enough to be noticed regardless of the possibility that they have quieted the discussion. To inform any individual from a gathering message that you're attempting to stand out enough to be noticed essentially sort @ and select them from the rundown that shows up.
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Add arranging to messages
After numerous years of plain content support, WhatsApp has at long last taken off organizing support, empowering WhatsApp-ers to include strong, emphasized and strikethrough arranging choices to their messages. When clients are running adaptation 2.12.535 on Android and 2.12.17 on iOS, it's genuinely simple to do. Essentially open a visit and take after these directions:
Strong: Add indicators to either side of the content (*bold*)
Italics: Add underscores to either side of the content (_italics_)
Strikethrough: Add tildes either side of the content (~tilde~)

Step 5 of 11: Best WhatsApp tips and traps:

Hide 'Last Seen' timestamp
Unless you cripple the component, WhatsApp will show to every one of your companions when you were last online – making those cumbersome messages that tiny bit harder to maintain a strategic distance from. Try not to stress as there is an approach to impair the timestamp and vanish into the shadows, in spite of the fact that the catch is that you won't have the capacity to see when any of your companions were last on the web. It's not out of the question, correct?
On iOS and Android gadgets, basically make a beeline for the Settings menu, then tap > Account > Privacy > Last Seen Timestamp and ensure "No one" is chosen. You ought to then be allowed to get to WhatsApp without others seeing when you were last on the web.


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Disable Read Receipts
Much the same as with the 'Last Seen' timestamp, WhatsApp will likewise tell your companions when you've perused their messages, and simply like the timestamp include, this also can be debilitated. It's important that crippling the element will imply that you won't know whether/when messages you've sent have been perused by the beneficiary, and gathering message read receipts will in any case be sent notwithstanding.
Make a beeline for the Settings menu, tap Account > Privacy and flip the 'Read Receipts' choice off.
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Step 7 of 11: Best WhatsApp tips and traps:

Backup and reestablish WhatsApp discussions
For quite a while, WhatsApp has offered the usefulness to go down every one of your visits and media on the off chance that you change (or free) your cell phone. This is naturally done once at regular intervals/consistently much of the time, yet you can likewise make a manual reinforcement if need be.
To physically move down your messages on iOS, open the WhatsApp Settings menu and tap Chats > Chat Backup and tap 'Go down Now' (select 'Incorporate recordings' if not effectively checked as well). The reinforcement ought to start not long after. It's somewhat extraordinary for Android clients – make a beeline for Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap 'Go down' to make a reinforcement through WhatsApp servers, or sign in with your Google record and reinforcement by means of Google Drive.
To reestablish visits straightforwardly from a reinforcement for reasons unknown, just uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. When you open the application after the reinstall, you ought to be provoked to reestablish your latest reinforcement. Perused next: How to reestablish talks from a reinforcement

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Find your WhatsApp 'Closest Friend'
Ever pondered who you address the most on WhatsApp? We have as well, and because of WhatsApp's stockpiling breakdown accessible for iOS (Sorry Android!) clients, you can discover precisely what number of messages you've sent altogether, and to every individual. Basically make a beeline for Settings > Account > Storage Usage and you'll locate the aggregate number of messages at the highest point of the page took after by a rundown of talks positioned on most > minimum messages.

Step 9 of 11: Best WhatsApp tips and traps:

 Reply to messages by means of tablet, PC or Mac
On account of the presentation of WhatsApp Web, a web interface permitting clients to get to their WhatsApp messages through a web program, clients can now utilize WhatsApp on an iPad, PC or Mac. On a PC or Mac essentially make a beeline for and sweep the QR code utilizing the QR peruser incorporated with WhatsApp for iOS and Android. This will connect your record with the PC/Mac and permit you to send and get messages from your cell phone.
It's marginally unique for iPad clients however, as while the WhatsApp Web will work in Safari, it's not an extraordinary affair. Designers have made WhatsApp Web "applications" accessible on the App Store, which bring a more pleasant client encounter and even push notices to iPad clients. Perused next: How to utilize WhatsApp Web
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Step 10 of 11: Best WhatsApp tips and traps: 

Mute irritating Group Chats
It has been five or so years since you exited Uni, and your mates thought it'd be a smart thought to make a gathering visit with (what feels like) 15 million individuals always sending messages. We've all been there, isn't that so? The uplifting news is that you can quiet the mindless jabber for eight hours, a week or even a year on the off chance that you have no arrangements to participate with the 'talk'.
It's a genuinely simple thing to do to, just open the irritating gathering talk, tap the name of the visit at the highest point of the application, tap "Quiet" and select the term of the quiet.

Step 11 of 11: Podcast exchange: WhatsApp end-to-end encryption

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